5600 Timer Switch

5600 Timer Switch

  • Dual voltage 12/24 V – 10A maximum load

  • Mounts with four screws

  • Pre-programmed for 30 min. of ON time per button push.

  • Up to four 30-minute increments may be entered, for a total unattended illumination time of 2 hours

  • Additional time (up to the 2 hour max) may be added at any time

  • Lights flash briefly with each button push to indicate that command is received

  • Pushing and holding button turns off lights at any time

  • “2 minute warning” slowly dims and raises light level prior to shut-off

  • Available in surface mount and recessed mount versions

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Part Numbers

  • PM-5600 – Surface mount

  • PM-5600-1 – Recessed mount

5600 timer box switch diagram.png

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