91207 LEDMaster 12V Adaptor Kit

91207 LEDMaster 12V Adaptor Kit


The LEDMaster is an interface unit that enables the lamp-monitoring systems of vehicles to operate correctly when towing a trailer fitted with LED lights. Working on the rear direction indicator, tail, and brake light functions,
it performs these tasks:

  1. Ensures that the towing vehicle recognises that LED trailer lights are working correctly, without triggering bulb failure mode

  2. Ensures that bulb failure is registered by the vehicle if an LED light fails

  3. Prevents random/pulsed flickering or flashing of LED lights (also on the fog light)

The LEDMaster unit provides for problem-free use of LED lighting on all types of trailers, horse boxes, and other towed equipment, and is suitable for use with a wide range of towing vehicles, including most car marques, 4x4s, vans, and agricultural tractors.

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Part Numbers

  • LS92107-22 – 7-core trailer cables

  • LS91207-310 – 7-pin plug and socket

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