iLS Direction Indicator Monitoring System

iLS Direction Indicator Monitoring System


The iLS system consists of two elements, a microprocessor-based booster unit and a flasher relay. 12V and 24V versions are available.

ISO 13207-1 Compatible Microprocessor

Versions available for 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc systems
The iLS module monitors the LED direction indicator light it is linked to and sends out a pulse signal at a frequency that matches the frequency required for ISO 13207-1. It can be used in tandem with the iLS flasher relay, or independently on an ISO 13207-1 compliant vehicle.

As the module does not contain a resistor there is no heat build up, so there is no need to mount the unit on a metal surface. One unit per indicator light is required.

iLS Flasher Relay

Versions available for 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc systems
The flasher relay can be used to replace a traditional relay when using the iLS microprocessor, thus providing a self-contained system. Failure of the LED indicator would generally be identified by a fast flash or a warning light on the dashboard.

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Part Numbers

  • ILS-590012 – 12v iLS Microprocessor

  • ILS-590024 – 24v iLS Microprocessor

  • ILS-590124 – 24v Relay, 4 pin, 2+1

  • ILS-590224 – 24v Relay, 4 pin, 3+1

  • ILS-590212 – 12v Relay, 4 pin, 2+1

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