XENON Beacon - Kestrel 2w Multi-voltage Single Bolt Mount

XENON Beacon - Kestrel 2w Multi-voltage Single Bolt Mount

  • Multivoltage 10–100Vdc

  • 3,000 operating hours tube life

  • Very low current consumption

  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing design

  • Impact-resistant and UV-resistant polycarbonate lens

  • Certified to EMC directive 2009/19/EC and ECE R10.03

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Kestrel XENON Beacons

A bright, multi-voltage 10–100Vdc beacon, designed for use on lift trucks, airport terminal trucks, and other battery powered vehicles.


Part Numbers

  •  SL-40206 Kestrel 2W single bolt – amber

  •  SL-40207 Kestrel 2W single bolt – red

  •  SL-40208 Kestrel 2W single bolt – blue

  •  SL-40210 Kestrel 2W single bolt – green

Product Flash Rate (nominal) Light output Current consumption IP Rating Weight Lens Colours
Kestrel 75 Flashes/min 20cd 165mA @ 12Vdc | 55mA @ 24Vdc IP65 3 Bolt 270 gsm | 1 Bolt 260gsm Amber,Red,Blue,Green

Replacement Lens Kits

  • SL-49001 - Replacement Amber Lens Kit

  • SL-49002 - Replacement Red Lens Kit

  • SL-49003 - Replacement Blue Lens Kit

  • SL-49004 - Replacement Clear Lens Kit

  • SL-49005 - Replacement Green Lens Kit


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