Solis Light Bar - 635mm (24")

Solis Light Bar - 635mm (24")

  • Low-profile mainstream light bar

  • Heavy duty extruded aluminium base with polycarbonate housing

  • Easy maintenance dome design

  • Optional colour lens, illuminated centre section, traffic director, take-down light, and/or alley light

  • Dual-voltage 12/24V, operating range 11-30Vdc 

  • Easy maintenance and lamp replacement

  • Built-in 7 selectable flash patterns

  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used at power up

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • 5 year warranty 

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Additional information

Part Numbers:

  •  D-Fuser 6LED corner optics provide even light spread for effective 360 degree warning

  • Fresnel 3LED front/rear optics provide maximum head-on light projection for superior roadside warning

6 LED large D-Fuser

3 LED Fresnel optics

Light Head Colours

Part Numbers:

  • SL-79011 - Amber, 3 diodes, 11-30Vdc

  • SL-79012 - Red, 3 diodes, 11-30Vdc

  • SL-79013 - Blue, 3 diodes, 11-30Vdc

  • SL-79014 - White, 3 diodes, 11-30Vdc

  • SL-79015 - Green, 3 diodes, 11-30Vdc

  • LED diode colours – amber, blue, red, white or green

  • Lens colour – amber, blue, red, clear

  • Driving lights – stop lights, tail lights, direction indicators

  • Work lights - Alley lights – LED

  • Opal centre, LED with or without lettering

  • Audio – sirens, speaker system

  • Additional options – flashing red to rear, front take downs (white flashing), traffic directors, cruise mode & dim function

Mounting Options

Part Numbers:

  • SL-79001 - Standard feet mount **

  • SL-79002 - Adjustable feet mount

  • SL-79003 - Flat narrow feet, surface mount

  • SL-79004 - Flat wide feet, surface mount

  • SL-79005 - Adjustable feet mount - (TYPE B)

** These are the standard supplied mountings unless specified otherwise.  NB. Additional charges will apply for other options.

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Standard mount

Flat wide feet, surface mount

Flat wide feet, surface mount

Flat narrow feet, surface mount

Adjustable feet mount - (TYPE B)

Adjustable feet mount - (TYPE B)







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