PM-5001 Side Marker Flasher Control Unit

PM-5001 Side Marker Flasher Control Unit

  • 12/24V operating voltage, 10-30Vdc range 

  • 2 versions: 10cm or 50cm long cables 

  • 3-core sheathed cable (power in) - terminated in 3-way AMP superseal female connector 

  • 2-core sheathed cable (power out) - terminated in 2-way AMP superseal male connector 

  • AMP50 version includes rubber boots covering the connector/cable interface 

  • EMC certified to ECE Reg 10.05 

  • Designed for simplicity of installation 

  • IP67 compliant 

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Part Numbers

  • PM-5001-AMP10 - Flasher Control Unit, 10cm cables, AMP 

  • PM-5001-AMP50  - Flasher Control Unit, 50cm cables, shrouds+AMP 


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